Re-opening of the Outdoor Range

The club will open at 8:00am on Friday, May 22. Available facilities will be limited to 6 firing positions on our 25-yard outdoor firing range.

The State of NJ is limiting attendance at any one time to 10 individuals.

The clubhouse will be open, but for the purpose of sign in and restroom use only. Sanitizers will be available, please us them. Range fees will be collected as normal. Do not gather in the clubhouse for any reason.

No beverages will be available, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and bottled water will not be available for use or consumption.

There will be absolutely no access to the indoor firing line or range.

RSO’s may or may not be present.

Mind the new signage on the outdoor firing line areas. Please abide by all rules or statements on the signage.

Thank you for your 100% cooperation during this difficult time. We’ve all had a trying 2 months, let’s all be on our best behavior and be willing to make accommodations for other members.

Welcome Back,

Lonnie T. Cryan

PPC Trustee Chairman, Building, Range & Safety Committees 

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